Portland Adventures President’s Day Weekend

This past weekend I had an extended weekend thanks to President’s Day and decided to venture down to Portland. I’d never been to Portland and am often told it’s a cleaner version of Seattle. Only being a 2.5 hour drive why would you not go to Portland?

I wanted to share some pictures here but also direct you to my Pintrest board to find out all the fun things we did on our mini-vacation. I’m totally obsessed with Pintrest and have found it to be a great way to share not only the things I love and are inspired by, but also a great way to collage the places I’ve been share with others. Now, the next time we venture down to Portland I’ll have a place that snapshots everywhere we went!

You can also check out more of the pictures that were taken on my Instagram and Tumblr.

Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday afternoon and are planning some wonderful things this weekend!

Seriously the best soaking tub ever. I didn’t want to leave.
Hanging out at the Japanese Gardens

Down by the marina

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