Adventures in Scotland

The hubs and I are officially on our adventure to Scotland to visit some friends and see a whole other part of the world.

While travel blog is not something I have done here in the past, it is something I might consider to log for this trip and future trips. As with trips in the past, I have told myself I would write my experiences at the end of the trip on the flight home, but that never seems to happen. Books, movies, music, food, sleep, they all seem to take a priority over writing my adventures. So rather than waiting till the end I figured I would post our daily musings as they happen.

Right now we are enroute to London via Vancouver. Thanks to the handy dandy map on my flight I see we will be going over the artic circle. Also, because it is spring/summer time we will have some form of daylight during our entire flight.

The hubs took a picture of the sky at what is around midnight for where we are flying over. Pretty exciting.

We will arrive in Edinburgh at 2:50 PM and then take a train to Dundee to see our friends.

It’s hard to express in word the excitement we have for this trip. Everything we have read about the Mother Land of Scotland makes it hard to think we will want to leave after one week!20130517-173422.jpg

















2 thoughts on “Adventures in Scotland

  1. How long was the train trip into Dundee? Just wondering as sometime soon we will definitely go to Scotland.

    1. Aaron ended up picking us up at the airport. We will probably take the train to Oban later this week and I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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