Scotland Adventures – Aberdeen

Today we took the bus to Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland and Europe’s offshore oil capital. It has prospered since oil was discovered in the North Sea back in the early 1970’s.

The bus ride was an hour long and we lucked out with a wee bit of sun. The landscape here in Scotland never gets old. Like Seattle (thanks to the ample amount of rain) the scenery is a lush green. We passed many farms and daffodil fields and as we coasted along we passed the reminisces of old farm buildings, their rubble walls standing low and sparse. Sheep roamed the picturesque hill sides and occasionally we caught a sliver of the ocean and sandy beaches.

The town of Aberdeen is called Granite City, which should have been a sign of what to expect – granite stones that began on the side walks and climbed to the sky, causing it to give the city a bland feeling with minimal greenery and cloudy skies. Much different from our experience yesterday in St. Andrews.

We also learned that traveling to Aberdeen on a Monday is not the best of times to visit, as most of the sights to see were closed.

Wandering around town, trying to find something that might be open we stopped for a lovely three course meal at Granite Park and even there we were the only ones lunching till the very end when I overheard a couple walk in and say “Well, it’s Monday… Not much around today.”

After lunch we walked around old Aberdeen, which the travel books called a scenic part of town, but Eric and I struggled to discern any difference from it and city center. We stumbled across St. Andrews Cathedral on our way to scope out Kings College. Right in between two modern buildings stood “the mother church of the episcopal church to the United States.”

After an unsuccessful adventure in Aberdeen, we hopped a train back to Dundee and enjoyed a fabulous afternoon filled with Primms and friends!


One thought on “Scotland Adventures – Aberdeen

  1. It’s a shame that your visit was unsuccessful. Really Aberdeen it is a beautiful city. Much more than granite and petrol. It the perfect city for golfers, for university students and people with business initiative. Also is the gate of the North and a good place for departures to visit Glenmore Forest Park

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