Scotland Adventures – Central Scotland

For our last day in Scotland, we spent the day traveling around central Scotland. We began our day back in St. Andrews to do a little more shoppings. Of all the towns and cities we visited during our trip, I think St. Andrews was my favorite. We lucked out with a bit of sunshine in the beginning of the day so we walked around the links again and heads to the cashmere shop and whisky shop for a few more items.

After a short stop in St. Andrews we drove along the coast and visited a string of picturesque fishing villages that peppered the shoreline of the East Neuk of Fife. According to my travel book, much of Scotland’s medieval trade with Europe passed through these ports. In Anstruther we made a stop for fresh bread at one of the bakeries that was named the best in Scotland for 2013. Their fresh cheese and leek bread was out of this world and the corn bread and chili pepper bread complete savory goodness. We also stopped at one of the local fishmongers to pick up dinner.

What I loved about the little fishing villages was that the stores and restaurants were obscure and could easily be mistaken for someone’s home (on the outside). You really need to know what you are looking for, otherwise you might miss out. The fishmongers in these fishing villages were so impressive. The items they sold you were what they caught earlier that day, and when they ran out they were done with business till the next morning. At the fishmonger we picked up some delicious smoked mackerel, fresh crab, scallops, and halibut. The halibut was out of this world (partly thanks to the amazing cooking skills or our host and hostess).

After our errands we stopped for lunch, where we had fresh haddock fish and chips at Anstruther Fish Restaurant. We also stopped in Crail to take in the views of the North Sea. Crail was a cute little village filled with cobbled streets and colorful cottages. Our host told us that at one of the beaches in Crail you can see the tree stumps of an ancient forrest during the low tide. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our search. Next time we will come back prepare to hunt for this ancient forrest.

Our last stop of the day took us to a little tavern on the coast of a village called Elie. There we soaked in our last afternoon in Scotland with a wee dram of whisky before heading back to Dundee for a family dinner. I absolutely loved stopping at the little fishing villages and taking in the scenery. I would definitely consider vacationing in one of these little towns during the warmer months in Scotland. Nothing like a quaint little village with a breathtaking view of the sea.














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