Return of the Scotland Adventures

It’s official! The husband and I are going back to Scotland in May. It’s not often that I revisit an overseas adventure two times in a row but this one I couldn’t resist. When we first decided to visit Scotland I knew it was a place I had to be. The rich history that I read in books was something that I had to see… the herds of sheep, the historic picturesque castles, and lush rolling  green hills… driving through the Highlands and passing by the remnants of brick walls, you know you you were passing by centuries of history. The people in Scotland were some of the friendliest I’d met, always willing to help with directions, share a wee dram of whisky, or tell an interesting story about their family history in Scotland.

This trip we will be spending 5 days in Scotland  and 3 days in Dublin. Dublin will be a first for us and we are excited to explore new sites. If anyone has any recommendations for Scotland or Dublin please share!



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