President’s Day Weekend Adventures

It’s always a treat when you get a work holiday. Whenever I have an extra long weekend I  try to maximize the time. This President’s Day weekend was no exception. Often times, I use the extra day to travel somewhere  to visit friends and family but this time I opted to stay in Seattle. While the weather was a typical winter, rainy weekend it didn’t slow me down. This weekend, the husband and I decided to branch out of our neighborhood (South Lake Union) and venture to Capitol Hill for some Saturday brunch and shopping.

After hearing many great things about OddFellows, we finally made it. The Oddfellows building is at Broadway and Pine and filled with many unique shops – Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, Nube Green, Nuun, Tin Table and OddFellow’s Café – to name a few. The café is super hipster with its communal tables, wait staff and menu but man is it good. Organic and fresh, yummy coffee and delicious brunch cocktails. The price is friendly towards your wallet and you really can’t beat it. There is often a wait so if you see a spot at the bar, do like my husband and I did and grab the seat!

Post brunch and in yet another delicious hazy food coma, we stumbled over to the Sugar Pill to look at their bitters selection. The husband and I are in the process of building our bar (a post on that down the road) so we wanted to check out the selection Sugar Pill had. If you haven’t been to Sugar Pill you’ll love it. As my husband likes to say, “every time I come in here I want to build a gift basket for someone). It really is a whole lot of awesomeness. There you will fined culinary delights – spices, sugars, salts, cocktail accouterments, etc.

Post-shopping the husband and I met up with some friends at Tavern Law for delicious cocktail because… well… it’s a Saturday in Seattle! Tavern Law has quickly grown on me. We used to venture to the Coterie Room for our tasty cocktails in Belltown but the owners changed it to an event space. At Tavern Law they have an extensive cocktail list and if you’re unsure of what you want you can talk to one of the bartenders and they will whip you up something special. For me, I like to tell them: Gin, spirit forward and herbaceous… which means I get a delicious botanical surprise in a glass! If you’re ever in Capitol Hill and need a new place to check out come to Tavern Law. The menu is gastro pub-like  and friendly on the taste buds. And if you’re extra lucky, you can call the black phone and see if there are  spot available at the bar in Needle and Thread (the upstairs bar in Tavern Law).

Sunday’s excursion was very routine… breakfast at my favorite spot, Le Pichet, grocery shopping at Pike’s Place Market, and a jaunt through the Fremont Sunday Market.


For my extra day off I savored the day by going to the SAM. Growing up in Chicago, I was very used to going to the Art Institute of Chicago to get my art fix, so moving to Seattle it was a bit hard to let go! However, over the years the Seattle Art Museum has really grown on me. While the SAM is a much  smaller museum the selection is great and ever changing. This past year they had exhibits on Gauguin, Women of Art, Rembrandt, and Japanese Fashion (to name a few). Their latest exhibit showcases some 50 pieces of work from Spanish artist, Joan Miro – Miro: The Experience of Seeing.  The pieces displayed in this exhibit are a combination of sculptures and paintings from the artist’s last 2 decades of work (1960 – 1980). Before walking through the exhibit I didn’t know much about Miro’s work but had seen a few of his pieces in Chicago and NYC. His work, mostly modern and contemporary, was influenced by his friend and peer Pablo Picasso, so of course the first piece you see when you enter the exhibit is Woman, Bird and Star (a homage to Picasso). It’s bold colors, cubist-like qualities and lightness completely draw you in. Contemporary and modern art might be my favorite because I love the bright colors, use of space and alterations of how one see the world. Oh to be able to see the world through an artist’s eyes… what a delight that would be. While I’m no art historian, I highly recommend checking out the Miro exhibit. I’m already planning to go back this Friday for the SAM Remix event!



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