Dublin Adventures Meets Scotland Adventures

Sunday was our last day in Dublin and our travel day to Scotland. We had brunch at Lennox Cafe and Bistro, located south of City Center and a few blocks from the Hilton Hotel. There one can find an interesting mixture of business men, families, and hipsters enjoying a Sunday brunch. We got there when they first opened and were happy because about 15 minutes after they opened the bistro was packed. The husband went for a final Irish breakfast while I opted for a vegetable quiche. We only had about an hour before we had to head to the airport so we walk through St Stephens Green one last time, past the Parliament building to Merriam Square for a peak at the Oscar Wilde statue, perched on a rock in all his grandeur.




We ended up flying budget airline Ryan Air to get to Edinburgh. The flight was very short and we didn’t have any delays. The husband and I were efficient packers this trip and were able to pack in two carry-on rolling bags. However, if you do have to check a bag at Ryan Air be aware that they charge bag fees based on the weight of your bag.

We arrived in Edinburgh without having to deal with customs because we came through Ireland, which was nice. Our dear friend picked us up and then drove us to Dundee (about an hour drive). Per tradition we ate in for the evening, enjoying a fabulous meal from our friend’s wife, red wine, and great conversation.

When we arrived in Dundee last year our friend took us to a local pub called Speedwell Bar (known to the locals as Mennies – a former landlady who ran the place for over half a century). There the gentlemen enjoyed a couple wee drams of whisky and we celebrated our arrival in Scotland. Our next day adventures would take us to St. Andrews for some meandering and retail therapy.




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