Scotland Adventures :: St. Andrews

The husband and I left at a decent hour in the morning for a day trip to St. Andrews via bus. Last year we learned that the bus was. Pretty efficient way to get around Scotland. Via car it would probably only take 15 minutes to get there but on the bus it was about 30 minutes. We lucked out with a bit of sunshine and some decent Scottish weather.

It was nice to take a more leisurely pace after 4 days on the go. St. Andrews isn’t a big town so we were able to walk from one end to the other with out any problems. We took the “tourist” trail down past St. Andrews golf course to Balgove Larder Farm shop and Cafe situated on the Strathtyrum Estate. The farm shop and cafe are relatively new, having opened its doors in 2009 with hopes of building an interest in locally grown, sourced, and seasonal produce. One can shop not only for fresh and local produced but also locally sourced wool products, jams, etc. our initial thought was to have lunch outside at their Steak barn but when we arrived we learned it was only open Thursday – Sunday. A little bummed, we took two seats at the cafe bar and ordered a delicious lunch. Currently, it’s asparagus and strawberry season so we decided to pick up some fresh asparagus for the night’s dinner. Also the scones at Balgove Larder are some of the best scones I’ve had so we picked a few up for the next morning’s breakfast.




After lunch we wandered back down the trail and through the town to do some shopping. Last year when we visited we did most of our shopping in St. Andrews and today wasn’t any different. Last year we bought a wool blanket and some end of season scarfs from Johnston of Elgin that we loved, so we made sure to make another stop to do the same. After we were sufficiently done with our wool purchases we headed back over to the water front and walked around St. Andrews University. I don’t know what it is about this town that I love such much but on a sunny day it doesn’t get much better than this. Because we weren’t sure how long the sun would last the husband and I took a break at 1 Golf Place for a glass of wine and their roof top view. After a bit of relaxation we headed over to St Andrews Castle and Cathedral. If you’d like more of a history post on the castle and cathedral, you can read my post from last year’s visit. This year wasn’t much different other than a sunny day and an SLR camera.

When we were done wandering around the ruins and the beaches we headed over to IJ Mellis to pick up some Scottish cheese for the evening and Luvians for some whisky and wine. I’m always amazed by how inexpensive the cheese are in Scotland. The pound of cheese and quince we purchased was under 10.00 USD, you really can’t beat that. By this point we had past 5:00 PM and if you know Scotland then you know all the retail shops close up for the day. The husband and I decided to walk back to the bus station and catch a ride back to Dundee. While the day was still young we looked forward to catching back up with our friends in Dundee and spending the evening in; the next day we’d be off to Edinburgh.
















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