Scotland Adventures :: St. Andrews and Perth

For our last full day in Scotland we went back to our favorite town, St. Andrews. We ate lunch at a wonderful spot called M. Mitchell a local deli that sells locally sourced foods (deli meats, cheeses, and more), seasonal produce, and wine. Part of the deli is a sit down restaurant with a wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Each day they have a special event and live music Saturday evenings. I always enjoy a restaurant that sells some of the goods they have on the menu. I also adored the decor, which was designed with recycled products – old wine bottles as chandlers and tweed jackets sewn together to make bench cushions. The husband opted for the delicious Scottish breakfast, while I went for a scrumptious fruit scone and a latte. I have to admit the traditional Irish breakfast and the traditional Scottish breakfast appear to be one in the same for me, but after a week of eating eggs, black pudding, and sausage for breakfast this one topped the bill.



After breakfast, we strolled around the shops and stopped at St. Andrews Brewing Company for a pint (or three) of their locally crafted beer. The craft beer seen, like Dublin, is also taking off in Scotland. In St. Andrew there are already two well known craft brewing companies – Eden Brewery and St. Andrews Brewings Co. Post our flight of beer we headed to the botanical gardens, truly a hidden gem within the town. Being that it was a school day, there were a lot of school children exploring the gardens. We were limited in our time but it is well worth a stop if you ever venture to St. Andrews.






For lunch we headed back to Balgove Larder, where I sometimes find myself dreaming of their scones and craving their steak barn lunch specials. When we went on Monday, the barn was closed but they were open on Friday. We met our friend at the farm shop and headed into the barn for a glorious rump steak, freshly grilled vegetables, and a glass of wine. Once our bellies were sufficiently filled we wandered back over the Johnston of Elgin to rummage through their cashmere sale bin and grab and espresso and conversation at Zest.



Our evening adventures took us to Perth for dinner. Perth is only a thirty minute drive from Dundee but was a first for the husband and I. Once the Capitol of medieval Scotland, Perth had a very rich history (gosh I love this country and their amazing history). By the time we made it to Perth, most of the shops and attractions were closed for the day (remember that 5 PM close I told you about?) but that didn’t stop us from wandering around. Our friends told us that they have a wonderful farmers market on the last Saturday if each month. It was in Perth (1100s according to my travel books) that John Knox delivered a fiery sermon, which led to the destruction of many local monasteries. For being a small town, there are quite a few attractions to visit (and I hope to see the next time we are in Scotland), they include the Museum and Art Gallery, the Balhousie Castle (because what would a Scottish town be without a castle), Scones Palace, and the Church of St. John. We finished our day adventures with dinner at Cafe Breizh, for fabulous wood oven pizzas and great company. The last day in Scotland is always sad for me; I always enjoy the company of my friends that l have in Dundee and visiting the amazing little towns scattered around. Our next days adventures would not be as exciting because they were unfortunately our flight home.












2 thoughts on “Scotland Adventures :: St. Andrews and Perth

    1. Thank you! It was a lot fun to write. Taking public transportation also made it easier with the extra time (and the wifi hotspot on the camera)

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