Pikes Place Market

When I first visited Seattle, as a teenage with my mom, we feel in love with the city. The sleepless city with an IV drip of coffee coursing through its veins. We stayed at the Inn at the Market, took in the scenic views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, and wandered aimlessly through the Market eating Beechers cheese and pinching ourselves because it didn’t seem real. I told myself that one day I would move to Seattle. Years went by before that leap of faith took place and we packed our car to drive West.

Since day one, the Market has been a focal point of our weekend routine: coffee and croissants at Le Pichet, grocery shopping at the Market, a wine tasting at the Truffle Cafe. I’m not going to lie… there have been a few occasions where my day included breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Le Pichet.

While most Seattleites I know avoid the Market unless a relative is in town, Eric and I have made it our home. It doesn’t matter the time of day, or year, we will never turn down an opportunity to stroll the Market. There are so many hidden gems, great food, wonderful people that have worked in the Market for years, and breath taking views.







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