Down under we go!

Funny how a little shift in perspective can change your mindset. Last month, Eric and I were in San Francisco for another half marathon race. We were pleasantly stuffing our faces with post race pasta and heavenly wine with my brother and sister in-law, when my brother said something to the effect of “dude, there is a crazy flight sale to Sydney.”

Eric and I laughed… Yeah right. We can’t “afford” to go to Sydney… But after a few minutes of my brother and sister in-law telling us how much they loved Sydney during their recent trip to Australia, we started scrolling through the flight sale on our phones. The bill couldn’t come fast enough… We had to go to Sydney!

One uber ride later, we were feverishly booking our round trip tickets to Sydney. That night we smiled like crazed people and laughed uncontrollably because if you know anything about Eric and I we are the type of travelers that plan our entire year of trips a year ahead of time.

The mind is a beautiful thing and when you shift that perspective from “But” or “No” to “Yes, and…” Life becomes a bit more sunny. And yes… For those who know me and my obsession with Design Thinking… “Yes and” is a way of life for me at work… I just need to translate it to the off duty.
So here we are, three weeks later and enroute via LAX to Sydney for 10 days. The out of office messages are on, the work computers left behind and glasses filled with bourbon and bubbly.

Check back for more pictures and wacky adventures! In the mean time, Eric and I will be mentality preparing for our 15 hour flight that’s about to happen. 

Cheers to “yes and!”


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