Sydney Adventures

A 15 hour flight and a missing Friday later we landed in Sydney. What is the first order of business when you land in a new city? Get your SIM card situated, of course.  

Newly acquired connectivity in hand, we grabbed an Uber to City Center. While our AM flight into Syndey allowed us to enjoy a full day of tourist delights, it was gamble as to whether or not our hotel room would be ready for our arrival. 

I know a lot of people encouraged Eric and to go the AirBnb route while in Sydney but I have to be honest… AirBnb falls in the category of camping…. I would much prefer to have room service at my finger tips than have the option of cooking my dinner.

So, our hotel room gamble played out in our favor and we were able to unpack and situate ourselves for the next 9 days. With fresh clothes on we decided to find our IV drip of coffee… Which by the way… News flash! Sydney is just as coffee crazed at Seattle… Eric and I had found our new favorite caffeinated city.

With a little assistance from Yelp crowd sourcing we found a gem  near our hotel with an inspiring Flat White and Breakie. With our viens fully pumping caffeine we were charged up for the day and it wasn’t even 10. The next stop on our morning jaunt was a stroll around the Sydney Opera House, followed by a few hours in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Our sister in-law wasn’t kidding when she said the birds in Australia were vocal. We found ourselves in what was more of a bird sanctuary in the middle of the city. It was a glorious site to see. We were also forewarned that everyone in Sydney would be running. This was not an exaggeration… Everyone was in their athletic gear… Welcome to the land of the beautiful people. 

By noon, we had already plowed through most of our agenda for the day, so we decided to cap off the morning with a trip to the Sydney Museum for a quick history lesson. While the Sydney Museum is not large, it was a great way to start our trip in a city we new little about.  Post muesum and a little cognitive overload, the day was still young… we were going to need more coffee…

We headed back to the hotel for a pit stop before heading out to Malay-Chinese to get some fiery shrimp and chicken laksa.  

Bellies full and out mouthed, faces, and hair on fire we headed over to the Sydney Observatory to learn how the Venus Tansit related to telling time by celestial beings. 

With our fill of touristy fun, we decided it was time to focus on one of our favorite past times…. Food and libations. We headed over to the Blu Bar at the Shangri-la Hotel where we were greeted with house beat music, underwhelming decor, and a somewhat redeeming view. After waiting 30 minutes for our cocktails we left to go find something more our speed and taste, which is where… with a bit of skeptasim… we stumbled down a dark alley, into a basement, passed a storage nook, and into a non-descript door. With the door flung open, we found a room brimming with people and cocktail shakers…. we had found our whiskey paradise. This bar in an alley made our beloved Bath Tub Gin feel like a cake walk to find.  With over 300 whiskey’s on the chalkboard to choose from we had arrived.  3 inspired drams, 1 smokey Manhattan, and a barrel aged ‘on-tap’ old fashioned later we had made friends with the bartender affectionately called ‘Sausage’.  (On a side note… If you want to follow our whisky libations… check out Eric’s @thatsmydram on Instagram). 

At this point it wasn’t even 6 when we said adieu for another evening. Our sands of time were slowly running out, so we dashed over to Frankie’s Pizza for a slice and a beer/glass of Shiraz before our time was up. With our tummies full and drinks imbibed, we headed back to the hotel at 7 pm, just as the cool kids of Sydney are headed out for the night. 


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