Blue Mountain Adventures :: Katoomba

After a packed city weekend we decided to get out of Sydney and see the Blue Mountains. Fortunately, the train system easily takes you out of the city and straight into Katoomba where the Blue Mountains are located. Per the recommendation of family, we purchased two explorer bus passes to hop on and off at various sites along the way. Our first stop (and I’m not going to lie… Our only stop) was the Scenic World. Little did we know we were entering the Mother Nature equivalent of Disney World. The bus ride over was where we  met another tourist coming from Syndey for a little day trip adventure. Our new friend coincidentally was on the same flight to Sydney from LAX as us and was staying a hotel a few blocks from ours. With our wristbands strapped on we decided to hit the rides. Yes, there were 4 options that we could take from the Scenic World – the cableway, Sky ride, railway, and the more pedestrian option… The walking paths. The following pictures and videos are from our day adventure in the Blue Mountains with a highlight of the The Sisters.

Because we are visiting in the winter months, the sun sets a little before 5 PM. A two hour train ride later we were back in the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Unlike Seattle sea of blue badges (Amazon) we were thrust into a see of blue business suits. We learned quick to stay to the left and keep pace with the urban professionals. With a couple hours to spare we decided to duck back into The Baxter Inn for another delicious dram. The Post work Monday scene was drastically different from that of Saturday night. The Jamison and apple cocktails were no longer pouring and the high ball cocktails were replaced with blue suite professionals and sniffer glasses.

Post cocktail, we headed over to Potts Point for our reservation at Cho Cho San a modern “inventive” Japanese fusion restaurant where we enjoyed an impressive chef tasting menu. While I agree prices in Sydney can be high for food and beverage the amount of food we received was way more than we ever could finish in one sitting. We gladly accepted the doggie bags and played a game of Jenga with our hotel mini fridge. Day 3 was in the books and we successfully stayed up till 9.


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