Sydney Adventures :: Darling Harbour and Pylon Lookout

By Tuesday the jet lag was starting to subside thanks to the heavenly beds at the Amora Jamison Hotel. Not only are the beds insanely comfortable but they also have a pillow menu that you can select from. Want a down pillow that is extra soft or a memory foam pillow? Not a problem, it’s just a phone call away. Each day we found ourselves calling for a new pillow. When the options are available, why not try them all out, right?

Okay, beauty rest aside we hopped an Uber up to Surry Hill for a Mediterranean breakfast at Cafe Mint. Once we got out of CBD the morning crowds and traffics began to thin and most of the people were ordering take always before heading to the office. By now, Eric and I have called defeat… Sydney coffee is where is it at… long black, flat white, double espresso… they have it all. Sydney knows what they are doing. This morning at Cafe Mint was no different… almond milk and espresso powder for my flat white and Eric’s cardamom infused latte.

Another thing that I am loving each morning is the abundance of Halumi cheese with my eggs and avocado toast mash. Seriously, why can’t all breakfast spots in Seattle offer a side of Halumi?

Bellies full (once again) we headed down the hill to Darling Harbour to visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship. This mini oasis in the city was funded by the Sydney government and a Chinese Heritage group and was designed by architects from Guangzhou, Sydney’s sister city for Australia’s bicentenary in 1988.The garden interweaves pavilions, weeping willows, waterfalls, lakes, paths and lush plant life. By the time we arrived, it was time for the koi carp feeding. We watched the fish compete with the birds for their early afternoon meal and then strolled over to the tea room for a pot of jasmine tea and a couple bbq buns.

After a couple hours in tranquility we left the oasis and headed down to the Circular Quay for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout. When visiting Sydney, there are three options for those who want a view from the bridge: a) take a stroll across the bridge b) do the bridge climb or c) walk 200 steps in the Pylon Lookout. Not wanting to take out special life insurance or spend copious amounts of money we decided to do the Pylon Lookout. We first strolled around the Harbour and then up to the bridge to take in the beauty of the city. We then walked by the Pylon steps where we could see the bridge climbers greeting the crest. Maybe because it was later in the day and a Tuesday afternoon the Pylon Outlook was (for the most part) empty. On the stair climb unto the outlook there were 3 levels of exhibits where we learned about the history and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the men who built it, and the vision of JJC Bradfield, chief engineer. It truly was a fun way to see the city and learn more about its history.

Because we hadn’t walked enough that day, we decided to stroll back over to Surry Hill to check out Tokyo Bird – a Japanese whisky bar (run by Jason Ang and Yoshi Onishi) with an impressive selection of whisky and yakitori delights. Eric was in whisky heaven and I thoroughly enjoyed the craft cocktails that these bartenders stirred up. I even got to pour my own cocktail as the infused smoke billowed out the top!

Want to watch a 6 minute video of Koi Carp eating their feed in slow motion? Of course you do!



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