Sydney Adventures :: Taronga Zoo and Vivid Sydney

For our last day in the city we decided to take it easy in the morning with a couple spa appointments at the hotel. Feeling rejuvenated, we took the ferry over to the Taronga Zoo. We wandered through the Zoo watching Kualas snooze in their trees, kangaroos hopping around freely and giraffes, elephants, and zebras roaming. It was quite the menagerie. We came very close to petting a kangaroo. We learned from one the volunteers that kangaroos understand territory, so for the enclosed area they were in… they new the grass was their space. If they chose to walk along the pathway from humans then they would have to share and interact with the humans. The volunteer told us that they will ofter stroll onto the pathway from attention and pets but once they rise up to move then people should stop petting them and let them bound away. Eric and I were about to get our pets in when the Roo raise his head (sad face) so we stepped aside… I was not about to get pounced by a Kangaroo on this trip.

Near the end of the day we hung around the Kuala trees in hopes of catching them feed. Sadly, the eucalyptus was not tempting enough to awake their slumber but we learned that Kualas are solitary animals that sleep 20 hours a day. We also learned that baby Joeys are born within 35 days and are strong enough to crawl their way to their mother’s pouch where they stay there for a few months until they outgrow their mother’s pouch and then crawl onto her back until they are able to survive on their own. The other fascinating tidbit of information was that a Kuala is not initially able to digest their main source of food. They have to eat their mother’s PAP I order to get the proper bacteria needed to digest the eucalyptus. Sadly, at 4:30 we had to leave the Zoo where they closed down for an hour before reopening for Vivid Sydney. Rather than waiting for the Zoo to reopen we hopped the ferry back to Circular Quay in hopes of seeing as many of the light installations as possible.

With no real agenda for the evening we stopped in Bulletin Place (by the Marriott Hotel in Circular Quay) for a couple tiki styled cocktails, a charcuterie board, and some recommendations from the bartenders on where to have dinner. The Bulletin Place was yet another unique cocktail experience that we stumbled into. The menu was written on a large kraft sheet of paper, which changed every few days. Creative names and vessels made you want to try every cocktail on the menu! If only I had a second liver…

After a couple cocktails and recommendations procured we headed over to Restaurant Hubert to put our names on the list for dinner and then strolled down to the Circular Quay to see some more of the light installations. This was night too of the Vivid Sydney festivities and we were prepped and ready! Our list was set and while we knew it was impossible to see all 82 light exhibits in one night we hustled to see as much of it as possible. After a quick dash and a couple hours of magical light installations, we made it into Hubert! A bustling french restaurant with a Moulin Rouge flair and a food menu that caused you to drool with delight. We were in heaven (once again).

The following are some videos and pictures from Vivid Sydney.

Disclaimer: some of the videos contain ooos and ahhs from our shaking hands… we did not have a tripod on hand.


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